Study Tour Hong Kong


The Study Tour is an option offered to the master’s students whose goal is to meet different professionals working in the main Asian economic capitals. This Year, the students of the promotion 2018/2019 are planning to visit Singapore for their study tour.

During the Study tour organized for the eighth promotion 2017/2018, the students were able to travel to Hong Kong and were invited to meet professionals from 5 institutions:

• Two law firms (LPA RCMP Law, a French firm and Gilt Chambers, an Anglo-Saxon firm);

• An SME (Asia Pack);

• A specialized mergers and acquisitions firm named Palazzari & Turries;

• The local branch of a public institution whose role is to promote the establishment of French companies in the country: Business France.

The study tour is a very popular trip and experience dear to Mr. Laurent Grosclaude, director of the Master, and his students for several reasons:

First of all, the Study Tour is an important added value to the Master. It is a unique moment and eye-opening experience for the students to get to witness the impressive development of the Asian economy from first row, says Laurent Grosclaude, director of training. He also defines it as a mobility within the mobility. 

From the student’s perspective, the Study Tour is a step forward in their professional future. The study tour in Singapore was very informative and allowed them to meet legal professionals. «A perspective that, at this point in our career, has been very rewarding» says Clothilde Grumelo, a student of promotion 6.

Salome Masset, a student of the 7th promotion, adds: «The Study Tour was very informative and motivating. It allowed me to realize that Law can imply more than only Theory. Indeed, the professionals we met have all, according to their specialities, showed us the practical and commercial side necessary in order to practice as a lawyer, jurist etc».

The Study Tour allowed us not only to meet professionals but also to a take part into a real exchange: the availability and generosity of the professionals made this trip magical » concluded Marion Chaudière, a graduate of promotion 8.

Indeed, during this trip, the professionals we met took the time to answer questions about their jobs, their career paths and even offered some essential advice to succeed in our professional life, especially in Asia. These were often very reassuring!

The Study Tour was a very motivating moment. This is a very nice opportunity that the master offered us, adds in this regard, Blandine Lucas, a graduate of promotion 8. 

Moreover, the opportunity to visit some of the major Asian economic capitals such as Hong Kong and Singapore is a plus in the Study Tour.

Hong Kong is a city with a unique atmosphere, and where you can lead a comfortable life. A perfect balance between tradition and modernity. On a professional level it is an opportunity not to be missed, says Anastasia Saif, a graduate of promotion 7.

To conclude, for the students of the master the Study Tour is a unique, motivating opportunity, not to be missed!



Professional Insertion Project

Professional Insertion Project

This professional insertion project’s purpose is to familiarize students with the working world.

They have to do some researches on topical legal issues, linked with Asia. The project is a group task and has to be drafted in English.

For the writing of this practical project, students have to interview professionals and experts in the fields in relation to their subjects.

These interviews are even more essential for certain current subjects when there is no legal basis.

Furthermore, those exchanges with professionals may also help students to increase their professional network, and sometimes to obtain an internship.


Below is the list of the promotion 8 subjects:


1 / ASEAN’s influence on legal business relations –

Focus on the economic community of ASEAN

2 / Doing Business in ASEAN –

Comparative analysis of ASEAN’s Members countries by the World Bank

3/ / The Vietnamese fiscal system and the French-Vietnamese fiscal convention

4 / FinTech’s development in Vietnam

5 / Legal Tech in Vietnam and Asia

6 / A new fund-raising model for Vietnamese Startups, the Crowd-funding




CONFERENCES 2017/2018:

The Master’s Degree International and Comparative Business Law gives you the opportunity to attend international events eagerly awaited in the legal community such as meetings, conferences and seminars.

During this year, the 8th promotion was offered the opportunity to attend to three events:

  • An academic conference on the environment: “The interrelationship between environmental protection and political social stability and economic development from the legal perspective“ in September 2017;
  • A seminar on the usufruct in January 2018;
  • An academic conference regarding legal issues related to Bitcoin in April 2018.

These events enable students to learn more about various legal areas, to understand how these issues impact Vietnam and South East Asia but also to meet with professionals coming from all over the world.

During these conferences, practitioners working in Ho Chi Minh City can make interventions. It is a great place to do some networking: a successful practice again this year.  

Ho Chi Minh City is a very attractive city and forward-looking. During the past year, two extra-university conferences were very successful:

  • The Master class « Start up, Growth and Financing», hosted by Fast Forward Advisors, after which three students from our promotion obtained an internship;
  • The seminar « Bitcoin, ICO and Blockchain »: unavoidable topic of our economic era.

The Master’s Degree and Ho Chi Minh City are both highly focused on students’ training, on interactions and debate, with always a strong desire to discover and learn more.

The conferences are presented in English, or even in French sometimes, and represent a real opportunity for students in International and Comparative Business Law.


1. Overview of ASEAN Institutions and challenges 

ASEAN Economic community : Theoretical groundworks and Institutional challenges for it works – Dr. Tran Thang Long, Faculty of International Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Harmonization of laws in ASEAN and Impact on the laws on trade, investment of Vietnam – Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tu, Economic – Civil Law Department, Ministry of Justice

AEC and Indonesia – Prof. Novrizal Mohamad, Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia

ASEAN Economic community : differences/similarities with the EU approach, and lessons taught by the recent Brexit – Dr. Stefano Pellegrino, Frasers Law Company, EUROCHAM Executive Board


2.  Issues regarding trade and investment in AEC 

ASEAN Single Window – ASEAN Rules of Origin – ASEAN Harmonization of product standards : Important initiatives accelerating the process of « Trade facilitation » within the ASEAN Economic community – MA. Nguyen Thi Thuy, Faculty of Commercial Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law 

Mutual recognition agreements – Liberalization of trade in services solution in ASEAN – MA. Le Tan Phat, Faculty of International Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law 

Law for SMEs promotion and protection under ASEAN market integration : Comparative study in Thailand and Vietnam – Dr. Pornchai Wisuttisak, Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University (Thailand)

3. Issues regarding investment and competition in AEC 

The progress of investment laws and policies in ASEAN and the opportunities for Vietnam’s further policy reforms – Mr. Raphael Tay, Chooi & Company, Malaysia

Implementation of ACIA : Problemsregarding the overlap of Vietnam’s commitments for foreign investment protection – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Viet Dung, Faculty of International Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Building up a single market in the ASEAN Economic community (AEC) and the concept of defining relevant market under Vietnamese Law – Dr. Ha Thi Thanh Binh, Faculty of Commercial Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Should competition laws in ASEAN promote non-efficiency goals ? – Dr. Nasarudin Abdul Rahman, Faculty of Law, International Islamic University Malaysia