General presentation of the Master


Overall presentation

The purpose of the « International and comparative business law » specialisation is to train, on a one-year period, international business law specialists to be able to support, both companies and law firms, in legal and economic mutations in Vietnam and other countries in the area.

As lessons are focused on a comparative aspect with the neighbouring countries, the degree is open to French-speaking candidates coming from different regions but mainly from South East Asia.


Pre-requisites :

Are designed to enter this program the students who are:

  • Graduated with a Master 1 in International Law or Business Law or in another specialty,
  • Graduated with an equivalent diploma upon the decision of a selection commission or as part of the international mobility,
  • This diploma is accessible for people with a certificate of validation of prior professional experience (VAE), personal knowledge or studies.

Criteria of selection :

In any case, selection is based on the overview of the candidate’s academic and/or professionnal record, as well as a covering letter and after an interview with the Selection board, if need be.

The course is mostly taught in French but some classes are taught in English, this is why being comfortable in English is highly recommended.
The administration management is chaired alternately by the partner universities (Bordeaux IV, Lyon III, Toulouse I). Depending on the year of entry, students will be registered and will graduate from one of these universities.

Application process and equivalency:

To hold a French diploma for access – The file can be downloaded on:

Every candidates applications must be transmitted in duplicate.

  • An electronic copy to the attention of Mr. Laurent Grosclaude: and /or Mme. Nguyen Thi Khanh Phuong:
  • A copy sent by post to the attention of: Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh Phuong, Ho Chi Minh University of Law, 02 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Quan 4, Ho Chi Minh City

Tuition fees are perceived by the Ho Chi Minh University of Law and are close to 4000 USD (are not included the 210€ of social security contribution).


This master’s degree can lead to the following jobs:

  • Lawyer
  • Legal consultant
  • Legal department of international organisations
  • Business (wo)man


This degree has been existing for 10 years in Ho Chi Minh City. A similar diploma (entitled « M2 Droit de la Coopération Economique ») has been taking place in Hanoi for 16 years following the same model and with the same partners. These degrees do not occur in France and were originally designed to meet the needs of local students (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia). The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF, Hanoi’s Desk) has supported the launch of these programs and still continue to accredit them.

The presence of French or European students is a new trend meeting a great success.


 The Master’s Degree is relocated which means that (almost) everything is identical to a Degree completed in France, except for the location of classes.

  • Students are registered in France and have a French Student Card at their disposal;
  • Student have access to the Online services and the Online Library of the University they are registered in;
  • The degree is a French Master’s degree, accredited by the France’s Higher Education and Research Ministry of the 3 partner universities,
  • Courses are made at 70 % (average rate) by teachers coming from partner universities. They usually come for a 10 days period.

The degree used to be taught in French with only one class provided in English (Common Law Business Contracts). Also, the « Projet Professionnel d’Insertion » must be drafted in English and the internship is most of the time, realized in an English-speaking environment.

Since the 6th promotion (year 2015/2016), classes provided in English have been increasing. The masters’ degree is now « bilingual »: this means that each class will be provided in French (document projected or class presentation) and in English (document projected or class presentation).


The degree is alternately delivered by 3 French universities: Bordeaux IV, Lyon III, Toulouse I. Some classes are assured by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Ho Chi Minh University of Law is the local operator welcoming the program and detaches some teachers.




  • International Corporate Law

    International Private Law

    Financing and Guarantees Contracts

    E-Commerce Contracts and Intellectual Property

    Common Law Contracts

  • Law of International Commercial Contracts (Vietnamese and Regional Aspects)

    Law of International Commercial Contracts (International and Comparative Aspects)

    Dispute Resolution (Vietnamese and Regional Aspects)

    Dispute Resolution (International and Comparative Aspects)

    International and Comparative Tax Law

  • Négociation and Drafting of International Contracts

    Moot Court

    Legal Methodology

    Legal English

    Professional Insertion Project